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I applied for an account on 19th May

I received an email on 20th stating it would be 5-6 days

it is now two weeks.

I have:

Sent several messages in the app

Asked on twitter

Sent emails

Still no response

so this is my last attempt before I move elsewhere.

In addition to this, the app was locked on the message screen.

I reinstalled the app when I set up my new phone last week, and now all I see is how to open an account.

I see many others are experiencing the same.

Is there any chance someone can respond to me asap please?

I need to move on with my business

My business name is Woolly Dig Ltd

I look forward to hearing from someone.

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Thank you for reaching out.

With the influx of new applicants, our Onboarding team have had their hands full. I’ve made sure to bring your application to their attention so they can get it back on track as soon as possible.

Thank you for being patient with us thus far.