Two issues with Tide Business Account - Payment Gateways and Printed Statements


I’m in my first two months of using Tide, managed to pay my salary out and had a few payments in with no obvious problems at all.

Unfortunately I’ve hit two fairly critical issues. The first is that I’m required to provide statements for an ongoing process with HM Government. They’ve rejected any PDF files printed of from my account saying that if statements are printed from an online account the MUST be stamped and signed by the bank, or postal statements sent out on official bank stationary. As this is a legal requirement I’m now finding myself in a difficult position as they have rejected the PDF printouts stamped by a solicitor and my chartered accountants. How can I get statements stamped by Tide, or postal statements sent out?

Secondly, it turns out that Paypal and Stripe will not allow my Tide account to be added to their services. This has actually resulted in Paypal locking down my account administration which doesn’t look like they can unlock it. They just keep telling me to wait 48 hours before logging in again and have even rejected accepting a complaint from me after multiple waiting periods for the last two weeks. This isn’t helpful with £3500 a month going through my Paypal account and £800 with Stripe from website transactions. Paypal have said an account verification letter from Tide is insufficient, and they actually have no address of all things to send one to.

Is there any solution to these two problems? Santander have refused me an account on the basis that I’m an existing business, not a start up, and all my transactions have now being going through a non-high street bank since my last bank account (Co-op) was closed down.

The statements are an absolute essential to solve, or I’m in a very tricky legal situation, the payment gateways I guess I’ll just have to keep trying other banks to open an account somewhere.