Trying to register... problems with UK address (in Wales)


Hi there

I’m trying to register through the app for a bank account.

When I come to enter my address, which is a UK address, if I search for the address by postcode it only comes up in Welsh. If I select my address (in Welsh) then I get an error message “Damn Your current address does not seem to be a valid address, try searching by postcode instead”

If I manually enter my address in English, then I get the same error message.

I can’t seem to progress further through the registration process.

Kind regards



Hi @northwalesretreats,

I’m really sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

I’ve asked our Production Support team to investigate and they’ve requested if you could get in touch with us directly in the in-app chat before deleting and reinstalling and after having made an attempt.

There might be some special characters in there that we are not handling.

You can always ask for Felicity in the app :slight_smile: