Trying to make a payment. I’ve been waiting +48 hours and counting



I’m waiting for a payment to leave my account. I was told 24hrs - that has passed and still nothing.

The messages on ‘support’ in the app are painfully slow, (12hrs between replies).

Yesterday I was I’m told I’d be expecting an email for the security dept ‘shortly’ - I’m still waiting.

I messaged to check that the payment would be ok to send - to which you confirmed it wouldn’t be a problem.

Your communication/support is generic, misleading and unbelievably slow. Now I am genuinely concerned about this payment.

The payment was for a property and as it stands it looks like the completion won’t happen as planned.

Please, please, please can someone let me know what is happening?


Hi there @Jason27270

Thank you for reaching out about this here as well - I also noticed your DMs to us and tried to reach out yesterday, but it seems like we weren’t able to connect.

I’m glad to see that the team have been in touch with you about this payment. I do appreciate that it’s a bit concerning when the Member Support team can’t comment specifically whenever payments undergo checks - this is because those tasks are performed by a different dedicated team.

These checks are typically a routine matter, but we do have a slightly reduced capacity on weekends, which is likely what caused these delays for you.

I hope that this hasn’t proved too disruptive and I’d be happy to assist you further if you need anything at all.