Try the redesigned Tide app in Tide Preview


In our last newsletter, we announced that the Tide app would be getting a slight face-lift. Today, we’re very excited to share this new design with you on Tide Preview. This includes numerous improvements to the app’s navigation, accounts, transactions and more. These updates will enhance your experience, helping you better manage your finances. We hope you like the new look as much as we do!

The offering:

Accounts page

  • New cleaner design
  • Instant visibility of your card status
  • Improved loading time

Transaction page

  • New cleaner design
  • New category designs for the most popular categories
  • Improved transaction loading time
  • Updated category menu (experience will be slightly different on Android and iOS)
  • Brighter and bolder category colours

New navigation bar

  • Easier access to invoicing, settings and payments

“More” section

  • All account and security settings in one place
  • Better QR scanner for accessing Tide online

We want your feedback!

Tide is looking for users to test this redesign.

To gain access to this improved design and performance, sign up to Tide Preview here

The Tide team

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