Try new features before they launch: join Tide Preview today!


We’re very excited to announce the launch of “Tide Preview” - our beta testing programme for Founder Members.

At Tide, we’re always listening to Founder Members, to better understand which features and functionality are most important to you and your business. We want to make it easier for you to have your say and build the next generation in business banking together.

Today we’re launching Tide Preview, a programme giving a limited number of Tide Founder Members the chance to test and shape new features before their general release.

Why are you launching Tide Preview?

Most importantly: we need your feedback. We want to know what you think about new features: what you like and don’t like, what you think of the designs and navigation, whether something isn’t quite working right.

What new features can I expect to see?

Our roadmap for the next year is packed with new features that will make it easier for you to run your business and eliminate admin from your life - including full team access and international payments.

How do I get involved?

Sign up here and we’ll be in touch when the feature’s ready for you to test.

Xero integration
Xero integration
New feature alert: use Xero with Tide
Attaching receipts vs receipt bank & xero integration
New feature alert: use Xero with Tide
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That sounds good, though how regularly do you intend to release updates via TestFlight?


Hi James - we will release major updates and new features via TestFlight (and likely test them there for a few weeks before releasing them publicly). We won’t be sticking to a strict timeline for this as it will be driven by the complexity of the feature and feedback from our early testers.

General updates with performance improvements will continue to go directly on to the App Store. You will of course be able to opt in / opt out of testing different features and can download the latest version in the App Store at any time instead of using TestFlight.

We will provide more details on this programme during the next few weeks.


What are these 300 places for on the preview, it might be something i would be interested in.


Hi I’d like to get involved with Tide Preview. Company Name Billiemarble Ltd.


Thanks, Fanny! We’ll be in touch shortly with more information.


I like access as well. Company name is Venture 9 Ltd. Requested through In App as well. Thanks.


Thanks, Manoj! We’ll be in touch shortly with more information.


HI, we would like to join tide preview too, please.(specifically for xero integration) Company is populo marketing ltd


I was in touch via the app about Xero integration but was told it won’t be coming for a few months. Would it be possible to join the preview? I’d be happy to test and provide feedback Gary @ EdinBraw Ltd


Hey guys,

I emailed you about this on 7th of May and no one got back to me? :thinking:.



Hi @nagra, I am so sorry about that! A Founder Member Manager should have now reached out to you!


Hi can I get in on the Tide Preview on Android please? - I thought Xero integration was already active and I have already transferred money across - If I can’t get the preview access please let me know a timeframe for the Xero rollout. It’s the primary reason for my switch and I’ll wait for it to use the account. Company name is User Crunch Ltd



Hi @crispin_read, we’d love to get User Crunch on board for the Tide Preview - thank you so much for volunteering. Our Android team will be in touch once the beta testing becomes available!


Hi do you know when the xero integration will be live to everyone else? Is there any spaces left from the 300 to join the preview?


Hi @MadeByMeld, we do anticipate that Xero will not be launched publicly to all users for another few weeks, but we are more than happy to add you to the Tide Preview list if you’d like to reach out to your Founder Member Manger via the in-app chat letting them know if you are using an Android or iOS device :slight_smile:


Hi please can I be added to preview, company name is GRANT Structures Ltd we use Xero for two companies, we will also be looking forward to tides multi company feature coming


Hi can you add me to the preview company name is At Your Service , thanks


Hi @GSL and @Kelly we are more than happy to add you to the Tide Preview list. Could you please reach out to our Help team via the in-app chat and let them know if you are using an Android or iOS device? :slight_smile: