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How are the 5* Trust pilot reviews so different to the reality of Tide bank ??

I don’t believe many of the reviews on Trustpilot are genuine and have questioned this. However as there is no transparency at all (despite Tides objections to the contrary) we won’t know for sure.

This scepticism could easily be resolved by better communication from Tide so that we are not all left speculating about what is going on.

Hi there @Oscarsadie1 and @schamness

I do completely understand some of the skepticism, especially with the difficulties in maintaining quicker response times that we’ve faced of late.

The reviews we receive are all genuine, regardless of the opinion they express. The best we can do is try to match up the quality of the experience that all of our members are getting.

Kind regards,

Appreciate your response Obi but that is where the problem lies. There is no universal level of service being provided to all customers of Tide.

This is true, unfortunately, it’s something that we’re constantly working towards changing.

I think with covid Tide has been caught out understaffed most likely response times to reply to messages in app are appalling.
The bbl are another issue as mentioned in forums, but like myself paused accounts really take the biscuit freezing a account has a huge impact on a business and the owners health which Tide seems to take for granted does and should not take more than 48hrs to resolve any issues like this without reasons. Nearly a week now and read others have been longer NOT GOOD FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Hi there @Wibseyspice

I’ve just updated you in the app regarding this - I do completely understand that this can be disruptive.

If you need anything, just get back to me there and I’ll do my best to reply more promptly.