Trouble opening an account


still waiting for my account to be opened !


Hi @annabel!
Our On-Boarding team reached out on Saturday for a little more information in order to complete your application checks, did you receive this message?

Unfortunately deleting and reinstalling the app can delay the application process, if you are unable to see the teams messages from Saturday just let me know :slight_smile:


hello katie, the app is giving me an error message, this is why I re installed the app and lost the chat.
I was in touch with your colleauge before I lost the chat, can you help please!


katie, I have received a notification on my phone that I have a message from Tide but cannot open the app which is still showing an error message, I am persevering!


I’ve just sent you an email to get this resolved @annabel :slight_smile:


HI, I am also having trouble opening my account. I gone through the in app procedures and have been really impressed by how easy everything has been but my account has still not been opened. Is it possible for me to provide more information on the in app chat so that the process could speed up so i will be able to receive money off my clients?

Thanks and again I am really happy with how easy everything else has gone.


Hi @Haywood,

Thanks for getting in touch (and for choosing Tide!). Our standard wait time for applicants who require a few extra checks is 1-3 days. I’ve just checked with the team and they’re currently working at a rate of 1.5 days so they’ll be responding to you very soon. If you have any further questions you can reply to the chat you have open in the Tide app :slight_smile: thanks again for your patience.