Transfer money to personal bank


Previously, with Santander Business account, I could transfer money to my First Direct personal account and it would appear immediately (at First Direct). The transfer could be any time 24x7 and the transfer would be immediate. Just 'Refresh Balances" on First Direct and it would show the inbound transfer.
With Tide to First Direct however, it seems to take a few hours at least.
How can Santander manage fast transfers, but Tide can’t?
This was a zero cost BACS transfer by the way. Not CHAPS.


I was wondering this too and I found this explanation;

We process inbound and outbound Faster Payments files every half hour.

Some banks can take up to two hours to process Faster Payments. Therefore, depending on the originating/receiving institution’s processing time, Faster Payments can take up to 2h30 min to be processed.