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I was directed to use xoom a PayPal service by PayPal when transferring money from my Paypal account to my tide account 2 weeks ago. The transfer happened. All documentation sorted but it never arrived in my tide account and tide customer services messenger helper have said there’s no record of it. It’s a decent sum of money.

I’ve since tried a smaller direct paypal to tide transaction which worked within seconds.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

PayPal and Xoom say its been deposited and have shown me documentation. But tide say the opposite.

Thanks for reaching out about this @RGO

We’ll definitely be looking into this to see what’s caused the issue, the team are aware and will be in touch with you in the app shortly. Payments getting delayed or failing to arrive is always a stressful issue and we’ll do everything we can to make sure these funds reach you, or are returned to your sending account.



It’s been nearly 2 weeks now - the transfer was completed at 5;10pm on the 16th October. Surely a bank transfer should be completed within 14 days? Or even 10 ‘working’ days?

Is there an issue with using Xoom or similar? I’ve used PayPal directly since with no issues, but this initial transfer for a much larger amount hasn’t happened - despite Xoom and Paypal showing documentation that it has - i shared that info with the app chat team last week…

Crikey - showing me how to download a csv file (which is editable!) to show Xoom the money isn’t there - that’s not much of help to be fair.

Is there anyone at Tide that can help me? Honestly, man… this is important to me and my business. I’m getting passed around like rubbish. Is this how you deal with small companies? All i want is to speak with someone who can actually help me and tell me where my deposited money is…

You’d think a bank like tide would be able to help locate deposited money…


Thank you again for your patience.

Apologies for the delay in replying to you here, we try to keep the communication largely in one place so there’s no confusion.

We’ve outlined the options that we have available as-is, but we have brought this up to our finance team to investigate further with what you’ve provided as details about the payment. It’s a somewhat unusual situation, but we’ll do our best to make sure that these funds reach you.