Tracker Update yet?


Morning all,
What the update with the tracker ?? How soon will it be available??,
Probably not this week l suppose, and information would be great.


Hi @Oscarsadie1,

Sadly, we are not able to provide a specific time frame as to when this feature will become available in the Tide app. As soon as we have any further updates, we will notify everyone.

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.


Don’t worry, no need to rush as in 12 weeks tracker will become obsolete anyway…
Plus considering it’s not what people are after in the first place (you cannot bounce back using tracker, can you?)…


All tracker will do is make people aware that the time they registered there interest has very little meaning to the position they are on the list. I’ve read various statements of people joining the first day 4-5 hours after me and are considerably lower numbers. I’d imagine the tracker is ready, but they are attempting to get the registrations in the correct order before releasing it to save the uproar of complaints. That’s my take on it.


Building the tracker should have taken them a couple of weeks at the most, it’s not hard from a technical perspective, even factoring in beta testing we should have had it by now, as has been suggested in this thread and others, I suspect the reason for the delay is more to do with what gets exposed to members / community if they launch.

The whole thing is a real shame, Tide had promise but this has become a major banana skin for them and clearly a poor strategic decision to get involved with BBLs in the first place.

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