Tie Tide to Pingit


Do I need to bank online to receive money with Pingit?

Barclay: “No, all you need is a UK mobile phone number and a UK bank account”.

Me: can a Tide bank account do the job?

Note: Tide looks awesome. Awaiting multi-currencies, IBANs, cc payments with huge expectations. Keep on doing great things. Thanks


Hi @Trox, thanks so much for your feedback - really appreciate it.


You jumped over my question :slight_smile:
Can a tide account be added to Pingit?


Hi @Trox, my apologies! You can link your Tide account to Pingit. To be eligible for Pingit, you need: a mobile phone number registered in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man and have a current account. Therefore, when creating an account, just insert your Tide sort code and account number.