Tide's Product Roadmap


Hey @graemeatnooQ,

Like any tech company, sometimes things get moved around - we might get through a feature quicker than planned, or encounter an unexpected delay. For that reason we can’t guarantee specific timeframes.

As a rough guide, short term features are in progress, all going to plan you should see updates about them in the coming months. Medium and long term features are planned, so we anticipate having an update on their progress later in the year.


Is there any plan for real debit cards? I didn’t realise the card was just a pre paid card, so pretty useless for lots of things - without this functionality then I will need to switch to another bank which would be a shame as in other respects I’m happy with Tide


Hi @Care2Go,

The Tide Mastercard is a prepaid card, but in many ways behaves similarly to a debit card in that amounts are debited from the available account balance immediately.

I’m afraid we currently don’t have immediate plans to introduce debit cards, but we will certainly update the community if this changes in the future.

Did you have any specific issues with your Tide card? I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:



Why not employ some support staff first?


Hi @Swoonigan,

Our number one priority is to provide the best service to our members.

As our member base is growing, we’re bulking up our Member Support team to ensure we can do just that.