Tide's Product Roadmap


What’s Tide going to do next?

You’ve asked for it. We’ve heard you. We’re delighted to share what we’re going to do next - a list of upcoming feature releases. Don’t forget to tell us what you think below!


Really sad that Sage One hasn’t been put into the roadmap! Would setting up with Yodlee not be a good move for Tide, as that would allow you to be imported very quickly into a plethora of accounting systems!


Hi @sparkgareth, we do have plans to integrate with Sage but they’re just not displayed on the current roadmap. If it suits more members, we’d be happy to add it in. Let me know :smiley:


Hi Tide, great to see your plans for features and all welcome. However very frustrated that the International Banking side is not up and running yet and that your new road map lists it as ‘Medium Term’ still, I was under the impression that when I signed up in August, you were hoping to have something by the end of the year.
This is a must have feature in this day and age, what is the hold up and PLEASE can you give a real implementation date that you will stick to?
As those of us that have been waiting patiently for this feature will need to look at workarounds or alternative banking as we are loosing business!


I’m with JAllen - international payments were ‘promised’ before end of 2017. I’m now sensing middle of 2018. I understand that great software takes time - but that shouldn’t be a surprise. You set our original expectations.

Could you also tell us whether account balances will show up any time soon. This was my mistake - I just assumed that such basic functionality would be in a banking/basic accounting app.


Thanks for this, it is really helpful, and I’m happy with the lack of dates - things inevitably shift, but it’s good to know roughly what order tide are planning adding features in.


Hi all,

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us!

@JAllan, @prjwhite, I completely understand that international payments are crucial for your business, rest assured that they are our top feature priority !

Would you like to join our beta testing programme, Tide Preview, and start using the feature in February?
Let me know, I’d be happy to add you to the list. :slight_smile:



@Valentine_at_Tide - now you’re talking!


I would be happy to be a beta tester for the international payments

As others mentioned already this was promised to be a functionality by the end of 2017

It is an absolute must as in this time and age any company has international payments and/or receipts. Integration with platforms is a nice to have in my view … get the basics right and the rest will follow



Hi @Algome, I’ve reached out privately with more information :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to the integration with Freeagent - if you’re looking for Beta testers for the integration count me in.



Thanks for registering your interest @wbuchan. We’ll be sure to add you to the preview :slight_smile:


Hi. I am very disappointed not to see any mention of direct payments online to the account. In March last year I was given the following message “We do have plans to introduce a functionality enabling you to accept online payments directly into your Tide account” - this had been mentioned at the Old St pop-up too. This was in my view a killer feature and one of the main factors in the choice to switch to Tide.

So, no mention in the list - is it still happening? If so, what is the timeline?




Hi Jonathan,

I am sorry that you’re disappointed not to see card acceptance within the Tide app on our roadmap.

As explained in the blog post, occasionally, a launch will be pushed back or reprioritised. I completely understand your frustrations but please rest assured that we do take your feedback on board. We’re constantly learning about what appeals to our members and making trade-offs. Card acceptance is something we will look into in the future.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help!


Purely from a technical perspective and nothing to do with the roadmap per se, but having the entire roadmap as an image is a really awful practice and is completely inaccessible, e.g. screenreaders can’t see it at all, it doesn’t scale nicely, etc etc. It doesn’t even have an alt tag, so for people who are using assistive tech I believe it’s completely invisible. Just something to consider for future posts - I’m pretty sure WordPress would let you do nicely formatted tables without the use of a fixed image.

Sorry for the digression!

Richard Moss


You could use Trello for this (Monzo and Starling do I believe)


Can I join the beta program. I’m desperately looking for the International Payments option.



Of course you can @Nigeyandco. Could you let me know what type of device you use? I’ll then add you to the waiting list.


Hi Valentine. I appreciate your response. I am also very unhappy with this. As I mentioned this was a crucial reason for our changing to Tide. It is not just pushed back, it is entirely absent from the roadmap. ‘Looking into in the future’ is the kind of answer I would give if I had no concrete plans - is that the case? If not, can you give a timeline please? If so, then please can you account for why not, as I was told several times it was going to happen.

I wonder if other Tide converts are aware of this as an issue? For clarity, what is under discussion is the ability for customers to pay in directly to the bank account via an online portal - not Worldpay/Paypal etc but direct to the account. If enabled this would be a very big deal - avoiding those third party charges and the inconvenience of accounting and administration that goes with it. This would be amazing and a huge feature, differentiating form other banks and providing an excellent service.

I want to believe in Tide but with this and the not-fit-for-purpose Xero integration combined I am losing faith.



Are you able to reveal what “Tide Banking Platform” means? I know it know it is not imminent, but even so…