Tide will help us bounce back


Good evening all.

I know we are all anxious and desperately in need of a bbl but maybe it’s time we let the guys on here do what they are trying to do.

There has been lots of harsh words and discussions but that’s not going to get us anywhere.

Obi who is one of those people trying to help said this today.

“In terms of a timeline, I do not anticipate that you’ll have to wait long, but I don’t want to give you a date or even a broader timeline that we’re not able to stick to”.

So let’s give them any help they need and I’m sure they will come through for us. Remember Tide has been superb for many of us before uncle Covid came along.


Ther point here @Andyp1966 is that we have given them this support.

Before accreditation we spent many many hours lobbying for Tide to become accredited. We did this through the BBB, HM Treasury, the BoE and various select committee members.

Since that accreditation happened, Tide has done nothing but make a total mess of the whole thing.

  1. The amount they had available to lend was wholly disportionate and insignificant to their market share.

  2. They have used the accreditation process as an account and data grab tactic. (See their BBL sign up page).

  3. This has had a massive impact on their customer service levels for both existing and new customer’s.

  4. Their waitlist is now so large, that when they speak of hundreds of millions in funding, that still won’t cover even half of those businesses on the waitlist.

I would very much, like you, hope that Tide get the funding for their members. However, even if they do, do we really want or feel safe keeping our livlihoods within this organisation, that has done things so very very badly.

I really am unsure about that last point.

In addition, their CEO who places himself front and centre of everything, cannot even be bothered to reply to customer concerns.


You must be new here. “Won’t have to wait long” has just replaced “soon” and “very soon” which we’ve been hearing from Tide since the beginning of June. If I told my clients they would get their appointment soon, but never actually provide a timeframe, or ever set that appointment for them, they would swiftly seek out an alternate provider.
In the case of the BBL many of us who have put our faith and business in Tides hands over the years (I am a founder member) don’t have the luxury of seeking out an alternative provider because we believed Tide when they said “soon “ and we waited. We waited so long that all other BBL providers quickly slammed the door on any new customer accounts or access for new customers to the BBL.

So yes, we are angry and frustrated. The lack of information, the promise of “soon” or the promise of at the minimum a tracker to help us see what’s going on have all failed. It’s been 27 days since we received any kind of update from Tide, and even then that update was empty and didn’t tell us anything.

I think we can be forgiven for having run out of patience.


Hi there, all.

I appreciate that you’ve likely heard this both from me and some of my colleagues many times now.

Apologies that we haven’t been able to give you specific timelines, we’ve opted to refrain from specifics until we do have something definitive, but we will have a larger update addressing the BBLS soon.



No they won’t. No funding. Bbl finished for a long while


Hi there @Skcollob

Thank you for your post. It has been a difficult announcement to make and I completely understand how disappointing this must be for you.

We tried to make this announcement as soon as we possibly could, as I understand we received our potential investors’ final decision on the matter of funding only yesterday.

We’ll continue working to extend the BBLS to more of our members in every way we can.