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Absolute mess of communication,
Quite clear to see they are in disarray and are just sending out any information to mislead people into a false sense of hope.
Let’s see what this week brings !!! Sure more delays more copy and paste answers more WE ARE WORKING ON IT rubbish !!!
WE STAND WITH YOU !!! no you don’t !!!

Goodstar at least it went down rather than up :grin:

Perhaps they have finally started eliminating people from the list ?

Valentine and all at Tide. Please give us actual answers and indications as to what’s happening today please. I’m a big fan of Tide and I support you massively but enough is enough now. We are losing everything and it’s over a month of waiting. I’m begging you please help us.

They are hiding away now !!! But there Trust pilot reviews are blinding !!! :joy::joy::joy:

I dont remember the exact date but i think i registered on 12th may

They’re not, they’re just lying no transparency. They do not have money to lend. I think they’re waiting to raise money from bank of england who knows how long its gonna take. I dont know a single person who’s got bbl from tide

The last Tide moderator to be online was Valentine over 2 hours ago. I hope I’m wrong but I’m beginning to fear the worst. No answers on here all day. I think I will be removing my money from my Tide account and not having anything paid in until we see what is going on.

I can’t see them raising at the boe they would need a full banking licence which i think unlikely, no doubt would be nice if Boe put legislation in place to make it happen tho as a one off to support the bbl scheme.

Bottom line is trying to sort a deal with a private lender @ hundreds of millions takes time 2+ months imo.

Just the way it is, sadly no amount of posting from us online is going to speed that up.

Just gotta keep the faith :blush:

My faith is diminishing by the second. This really is awful customer relations.

Hang in there mate, chin up and all that

It’s out of our hands so there’s not much more we can do but wait and keep optimistic.

I think they’ll come through but it might be another 2/3 weeks yet.

Because they don’t know ? might be later this week, or in 2 weeks or maybe longer… perhaps they thought they were close recently ? Perhaps a lender dropped out ? Perhaps it won’t happen ?

I’m not defending tides confusing lists etc but I can fully see why they can’t put a fixed date on it & why it could take a lot longer than they even envisage.

I dig your frustrations, we’re all in the same boat… end of the day, do all we can, sign up to all banks, try every angle, sign petitions, lobby to mp’s … and if we still end up going down at least we can’t be disappointed with ourselves for not trying our hardest.

Just some communication isn’t much to ask ??
I don’t care who Oliver Prill thinks he is he’s not my boss so as a customer of his he should have the decency of communication to us ??
Bloody rude

Ah Cam. You just reminded me about the lists. On Thursday they said the app tracker would be very soon. It’s now the close of play Monday and nothing. I’m sure you will agree with me that is not what should be called very soon.

Unfortunately Tide are my last angle.

But I agree with you that there is nothing we can do. Especially on here when a single moderator has not been online in the last 3 hours.

I agree, It’s not - but just as with the loans, I’m sure they would prefer to have it all sorted.

They’re not intentionally leading people on to screw them over, they have over promised & under delivered but not intentionally.

My bank haven’t even bothered to try so in my book tide are a cut above that even if so far it’s not gone quite to plan.

They will come through, but let’s face it we need to raise funds, somehow elsewhere to tie us over till then.

I also think people who haven’t received furlough or grants or self employment support WILL get something soon, need to keep putting pressure on the toffs in office.

I honestly think they will find they cannot leave anyone who started a business or working for themselves in the last 16 months out from any support, the most un progressive economically ridiculous thing they could do and I think they will realise especially with 3m people giving them shit lol.


I wish I shared your optimism Cam but I’m at breaking point. I’m days if not hours away from losing absolutely everything that I’ve worked all my life for.

What can be done? There is very often a way through mate, take on an investor? Bridging loan? Invoice finance? Take to supplier hold them off / rent breaks? If you need to brain storm with someone hit me up on a private message mate.

I really have tried or done all that mate. Started the business last August after 10 years of saving to buy my house outright. Ploughed everything I had into the business which was going so great I moved it to the next level in January. In January I had £67,000 worth of confirmed bookings for the year however since c19 that’s dropped to £49,000 providing I can be back up in business by the end of July.

I won’t have a business but then if I can’t raise £15,000.

I’m in the catering industry so selling my assets won’t help as obviously people are not buying so that leaves me with nothing as all the cash I had has been put into various things for the years future bookings.