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Please for god sake give us some solid information please !!!
I gonna be bankrupted by next week, I have stood by you since day 1 and you have delivered nothing to us desperate members !!
Really hope that all the senior management understand the impact there actions are having on real people with real families!!!
I don’t have the luxury of saying to my customers I AM TRYING , WILL BE SOON ETC ETC.
God lm prying by an act of god Tide come good :pray::pray::pray:

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Yes am also hoping against hope we get sorted soon. I heard they have gained more funds but who knows at the moment what ti believe!

Guys please take a moment to fill this in:

Personal grievance from no support through COVID-19 they will be discussing it on the 26th June - the more of us that do it and take it seriously the more likely they will have too.

Once you fill in your details they require a word document with your position / problems / mental health / business going under etc etc filled out and uploaded.

What have my card its activated now theysay they my wrong number on there system, i tried deleting app and reactivared app
what else can i do please

I think we ate all the same government let the sole traders down
I paid 2 loans back to a financial company in 3 years
I have no problem Paying
Less interest in this the government guarantees them I did not get any other help

Hope fully Won’t wait long


Absolute mess of communication,
Quite clear to see they are in disarray and are just sending out any information to mislead people into a false sense of hope.
Let’s see what this week brings !!! Sure more delays more copy and paste answers more WE ARE WORKING ON IT rubbish !!!
WE STAND WITH YOU !!! no you don’t !!!

Goodstar at least it went down rather than up :grin:

Perhaps they have finally started eliminating people from the list ?

Valentine and all at Tide. Please give us actual answers and indications as to what’s happening today please. I’m a big fan of Tide and I support you massively but enough is enough now. We are losing everything and it’s over a month of waiting. I’m begging you please help us.

They are hiding away now !!! But there Trust pilot reviews are blinding !!! :joy::joy::joy:

I dont remember the exact date but i think i registered on 12th may

They’re not, they’re just lying no transparency. They do not have money to lend. I think they’re waiting to raise money from bank of england who knows how long its gonna take. I dont know a single person who’s got bbl from tide

The last Tide moderator to be online was Valentine over 2 hours ago. I hope I’m wrong but I’m beginning to fear the worst. No answers on here all day. I think I will be removing my money from my Tide account and not having anything paid in until we see what is going on.

I can’t see them raising at the boe they would need a full banking licence which i think unlikely, no doubt would be nice if Boe put legislation in place to make it happen tho as a one off to support the bbl scheme.

Bottom line is trying to sort a deal with a private lender @ hundreds of millions takes time 2+ months imo.

Just the way it is, sadly no amount of posting from us online is going to speed that up.

Just gotta keep the faith :blush:

My faith is diminishing by the second. This really is awful customer relations.

Hang in there mate, chin up and all that

It’s out of our hands so there’s not much more we can do but wait and keep optimistic.

I think they’ll come through but it might be another 2/3 weeks yet.