Tide support won't reply to my online enquiry OR my enquiry via Twitter!


I have my first client payment problem and I cannot resolve till someone gets back to me. DO people actually WORK for Tide or is it a scam account?


I am waiting 5 days and it’s a joke. I am going to be complaining to the financial ombudsman service. I made a transfer last week, it hasn’t arrived and I don’t have the money back.


Hi, I’m sorry that you’ve experienced delays. We’ve had so many messages this week, it’s taking us longer than normal to reply, but we’re all-hands-on-deck answering as fast as we can and we really appreciate your patience.

@AlanCallisto, I’m afraid I could only find your follow up email with the details you have registered on Community - could you let me know your company name so I can locate your original query?

@Ryanjdp, for security reasons, we are unable to enclose any account information through email, or a public forum like Community. If you haven’t already, could you please contact us through the in-app chat and we’ll look into this for you as soon as possible.

If you’ve already reached out via the in app chat, can you please let me know your company name so I can follow this up for you?

Thanks, Ali