Tide refusing the refund a fraud


This is the worst bank I have been seen i tried to send payment to personal account suddenly I got asked for pass code which I have forget because I used to use a finger print recognition. So I press I forgot they put thorough a identification process and blocked my app to security check I could not access my account. So after 24 hours I keep sending messages but they are not replying to mrly message. So suddenly my account got activated but I see 219 pounds missing from my account for unrecognised transaction which is fraud. I send them a messageto let them know this is a fraud since last week Friday this incident happened but they sent message today saying I have send email to the merchant to ask my money back WHY WOULD ASK THEM TO REFUND ME I DON’T KNOW THE WHERE THE TRANSACTION CAME AND TIDE IS STILL REFUSING TO CALL ME. THIS IS WORST THING THAT THEY ARE TREATING PEOPLE. LIKE A SHIT.


Hello @Somaliya! I’m sorry that you feel disappointed! If you don’t mind sharing the name of your company, I will look into it further! Thank you!




Thank you for the confirmation, @Somaliya! I can see that our Disputes team is handling the matter and they are waiting for your reply! Feel free to reach out to them when convenient! Thank you!

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