Tide Not Returning the funds


I joined Tide end of last year, account was open and as soon as we got the first payment from our customer & made a couple of payments from our other business account so 3 payments in total by transfer - then tide freeze the account for a review.

It took them over a month for a review - then they informed me they will close account.

i am still waiting for the money to be returned back to us. i keep texting them everyday day but no one seem to know when i will get my money, i texted to over like 12 people, Jerry, Robert, Svetlozar, Rado, David, Sergio, Victoria, Obi, Mijail, Kristina, Mathew, Yani etc.

I am now wondering if the ones who texted me are real people.

In this time with the Covid19 going we need more help from the banks rather than facing hell that i am going through with tide trying to get my money.

I have already contacted the Financial Conduct authority but they said it will take them about another 2 weeks to get an answer from them.

Last night i contacted the Action Fraud team at the met police as well as i now genuine believe Tide does not want to return the money.

I cannot talked to anyone on the phone either so i am really stuck.