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After waiting 3 days to get a payment unblocked and finding that I could not call them and that they take 2-3 days to respond to messages (even urgent ones), I requested on 1st November 2020 to close my Tide Bank Account with immediate effect. I provided my reasons why in the message. Yesterday, four days later, I received a response saying “We’re really sorry to see you go! Is there a particular reason why you’re closing your account?” I responded saying yes, explained again but pointed out that they already knew this as it was contained within the same message. I’ve heard nothing since. So its now 5 days since I requested my account be closed and they still don’t appear to have actioned it. Hopeless and it’s only confirmed my decision. I cannot run a business with such poor service. I’m not sure whats going on at Tide, bit they clearly have issues. Staffing issues maybe? Financial issues? Who knows, all I know is that its really not very good for the customer.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a poor experience with us @Runningtopps

Checks on payments are a standard procedure for financial service providers like us, it’s something we consider to be an important part of how we keep our members’ accounts safe. I do appreciate that delays in that regard can be concerning, and we’ll respect your decision.

Your request for closure is with the right team, and they’ll be in touch with you to complete the process as soon as possible.


Hi Obi.

I think this is my biggest problem with Tide. We all know that banks have to do security checks from time to time, but with any normal bank that would involve someone contacting the customer within an hour or so, not 3+ days. The customer would also have the opportunity to call the bank to accelerate this process.

Tide just hide behind the need to do security checks for massive delays, and never accept that the delay is unacceptable. I had bills to pay, I couldn’t pay them for three days, which impacted my business. I can see, by just looking at this community page, that this is a common problem for your customers. You appear to be ignoring the fact that your customers find this unacceptable. So why would we choose to bank with you given these experiences?

You really need to learn from your customer feedback otherwise you will not survive. There is plenty of choice out there and the only advantage you offer right now is that you can set accounts up quickly. However, with such poor service levels your customers, like me, will move to other banks.

In terms of closing my account. Can I ask why you don’t offer guidance to your customers anywhere, on how to close their account? Surely there should be an option on the app or in your website for customers to request this. You should at least have it in your Q&A section. By not doing so its clear to me you want to make it as difficult as possible for your customers to leave you. This is a bit of a cheap tactic if you ask me and again not the behaviour I’d expect from a financial establishment that I am supposed to trust to manage my money. Your response saying its with the right team again does not recognise that to wait 4 days to get a response, only to be asked why I want to leave, when its blatantly obvious from what I’ve already written within my request to close my account, baffles me.

Its now been 5 days and I’ve seen no progress whatsoever from Tide in actioning my closure request. I hope others read this message and seriously consider whether they trust Tide to manage their money as unfortunately I do not.

Thank you for getting back to me @Runningtopps

I can assure you that we do keep an eye on our members and the feedback that they provide us. We’re data driven and that means that if our members continuously inform us of areas in which our services can see improvement, we’ll definitely focus our resources in that area.

In regard to closure - we expect that our members will simply contact us through the in-app chat, so that the team can advise them accordingly. We’re all hands on deck at the moment and we’ll do our best to see this sorted out for you as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for your patience with us thus far.


OK Obi. We are going to have to agree to differ here. On the basis that…

  1. A quick scan of messages on this community page makes it perfectly clear your customers have been complaining consistently for quite some time about you taking too long to clear security checks for payments and you’ve done nothing about it.

  2. You still do not seem to acknowledge the point of view of your customers, who have an expectation that it should be a lot quicker (hours not days) to unblock outgoing payments

  3. You have ignored the fact that your messaging service is slow. 2 or 3 days to get a response is not cool, especially when a business finances is involved.

  4. You don’t seem to accept that your customers might like to talk to someone, when they have an urgent business issue with their account and you are not responding on the app. Just to say you are busy, or have a backlog is not good enough. Again, if we were talking hours, then fair enough, but we are taking days.

Finally to evidence all of the above. I’m still waiting for a reply from someone (5 days) to acknowledge that my request to close my account is actually being actioned.

Apologies if my messages have been misleading @Runningtopps

I absolutely agree that there are areas that need to be addressed in regard to our services - response times are definitely something that we’re working on. The teams are doing their best and we hope to see improvements going forward in that regard.

We want every member to see that their issues are being taken seriously, though you’ve had a disappointing experience, I can assure you that we’re going to try and learn from it.

In regard to your request for the account’s closure, I have brought this to the team and they’ll reach out to you soon. Tide accounts don’t have any fees for opening or closing the accounts, or maintaining them, this is merely a matter of processing.