Tide Mastercard is perceived as a Credit card


When paying with my Tide MasterCard I’m told it is a credit card and consequently a fee will be added to the payment. How can this be the case with a prepaid card ?


Hi @Chocoman, thanks for your question. It is decided by the merchant whether they classify the Tide card as ‘credit’ or ‘debit.’ In your case, the merchant has identified the card as a credit, answering why you are incurring a fee.


Is there anything that us clients or perhaps Tide can do to get retailers or the card processing companies to change this?


Hi @altostratus, in the short term there is nothing that Tide can do to change the merchants policy. Perhaps in the future, when we build relationships with merchants, this may change.


I’ve just used my Tide card for another purchase and this time my Tide card was accepted as a debit card and no extra fee was charged. The best thing is to ask before paying, then you’ll know…


Yeah, I had to pay a fee with easyJet, which was pretty frustrating. Would be nice to see Tide proactively trying to sort this.