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Neither of my tide accounts are receiving funds! I transferred money from HSBC, it left my HSBC account and HAS NOT reached my Tide account.

I noticed an error message when attempting to transfer money to my tide account so I tested it by transferring 1p. It worked immediately so I transferred a much larger sum straight after and the money left HSBC but did not reach my Tide account!!

Someone else tried to transfer to my account and they were unable to. These are business accounts and I need it to work seamlessly. This is a very urgent issue and I have emailed Tide but not received a response.

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    Oct '20
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    Oct '20
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Hello @TideUser2020!

I’m sorry about the situation that you find yourself in. Could you please confirm the name of your company, so I can review and advise accordingly?

Awaiting your reply!

Hi Harry

Thanks for your prompt response, I see now that the funds have been released. How can you ensure that this does not happen again?


I’m glad to hear that!

The time frame depends on the type of payment.

Faster Payments are normally processed at every 30 minutes and cleared within 2 hours. BACS takes 3 working days and CHAPS on the same working day if the payment is RECEIVED before 3pm.

Usually, if you pay cash in the post office that takes about 24 hours to clear. Deposits will appear in your account by the next morning if made before 6pm, deposits made after 6pm will appear the following morning.

In case your payments are not within the mentioned time frames, you need to contact us via the in-app chat within your account and we will review and advise.