Tide lost BBL Accreditation? True or False?


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Heard something very disturbing reading a mse article today and that 97% of tide applicants who applied for the bbl schemes have heard nothing back or recieved any funding… very worrying that’s literally 2000 loans paid out out of 75000 members… really don’t think anything going to happen… very sad… I am already shutting my business down now as no hope in the sun for anything… have applied for Hsbc heard nothing… tried to open a account with all other major banks and basically been told to do one… Tide really was my only hope… all my savings gone… had to refund 100s of orders through my business from not trading and lost £1000ss hoping to recieved funding from them has been a big struggle, maybe I should have managed things better but who new we’re would be in lockdown for 4 months at the start of the year. Very depressing but we all got to move on now… if something does happen from tide great but I’m 97% sure nothing will. but I think most of us now should just look to crack on and make the most of what we can do.


Hi there, everybody.

Thank you all for joining the discussion - I know that this has been a very difficult time for many of you.

We are still working on and doing what we can to see the funding secured so we can keep lending at a larger scale than we’ve managed to thus far. We’ll post any announcements across all of our channels when we’re able.

Kind regards,

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