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A couple of questions for Tide:

  • You advise us to go to independent lenders, but marketplace lenders are asking applicants whether they have applied to their own bank - presumably this is an eligibility criteria. As Tide customers, where do we stand: have we been declined due to your inability to fund, or are our applications void? What should I answer to this eligibility question?

  • How can a lender with no funds appear on the BBB list of accredited BBILS lenders?

My company will struggle now, and I regret banking with Tide.

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Hi there @pmz

To clarify, joining our waiting list is not an application for a BBL and should not affect your ability to apply elsewhere. If you do encounter something along those lines due to having registered your interest with us, please let us know right away so we can look into a solution for you.

But in brief, you have not submitted an application with us if we haven’t extended a BBL to you ourselves.

Otherwise, we do fit all of the eligibility criteria to have become an accredited lender as outlined by the BBB, but due to our nature as a fintech, we had to source the funds for our lending privately.

I hope this clarifies, please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.


I think the answer is you have NOT applied to Tide as there is no applicaton form. All you, and most of us, have done is joined a “list”. Key is that Tide does NOT share that list with others, so other banks/BBB do not get the cahnce to misinterpret the “list” as a application. But make no mistake, the banks do NOT want to lend and are finding every reason/excuse not to

Hi there @Jtreacher

I’ve posted this in another thread as well, but I’ll put it here so it’s available.

All BBL lenders, including us, are required to share information of those who have registered interest, to prevent fraud and loan duplication. Our waitlist is a registration of interest, not an application. If a lender needs confirmation of this we will gladly provide it.

Again, the in-app chat is the best place to ask for this, as it’s a more secure channel.


Was it made clear when we joined the waitlist that the information would be shared? Where was the disclsoure that, by signing a waitlist, our information would be shared with others? Maybe I missed it, but I do not remember giving that consent. And certainly, I agree on the need to prevent fraud, and multiple applications. But what are businesses to do? Make applications sequentally and hen wait weeks/months to see which institution (if any) offers a loan? The whole system is seriously messed up.

Most banks are only lending under BBILS to existing customers, so Tide customers must go to the marketplace.

The marketplace lenders that I have gone to have asked (I paraphrase) “Have you already applied for financing under the CBILS / BBILS?”.

If we answer “no” to this and Tide has shared our registration of interest, this will trigger AML/fraud alarms and (probably) block the application.

If we answer “yes”, the next question is a set of choices “declined” / “accepted but need more” / “in progress”

Which of these would you advise us to choose?

We are actually working on something specific that we can provide members so we can avoid this specific issue.

We’ll share this more broadly as soon as we’re able to.


I notice now that the “on the list” seems to have disappeared from the app permanently I would still like to know some physical numbers on how many loans were issued. Not the we’ve lent 50m copy and paste answer. Some physical evidence of people on the list which received money. Not the beta tested hand picked few.

“On the list” where did you find that in the app?
Never saw that in ours.

Thank you for following up @Newbielee

I appreciate the need for more information and I will certainly bring this up, but the team here don’t have access to those numbers and I can’t guarantee that we’d be able to provide them.


It was at the top of the screen. Your on the waiting list or words to that effect. It seems to have disappeared now.

Hey everybody.

Just to clarify - the banner in question that appeared in the app was temporary, and meant to assure members that they’d successfully registered their interest with the details that match their account with us.

I’m not sure how long it would have remained active and visible in the app, but it would have disappeared eventually.

I hope that clears this up!