Tide holding funds I need to survive during covid19!


After closing my account, Tide are holding £11,700 of my money for weeks after receiving all the documentation they requested to transfer those funds to my personal account. They seem to refuse to respond to my countless emails on the issue.

As a father with dependents trying to run a start-up business, these funds are crucial to the survival of my business, a source of much needed revenue and quite frankly - a lifeline during a global pandemic. My business revenue has dried up, and the money Tide have been holding for many weeks now is currently what I am depending on for survival!

The backstory to this problem began when Tide initially closed my bank account because I was unable to provide invoices showing purpose of payment within a 2-3 week period that coincided with a sharp acceleration in the COVID19 outbreak while I was abroad, and a family member becoming critically ill back in the UK. The exceptional circumstances accounted for the delay, but despite explaining this to Tide and being forthcoming regarding the requested documentation, they still proceeded with the account closure.

But this is not even the crux of the problem with Tide.

Since then (over a period of many weeks), they have received all the information they requested to transfer my bank balance to my personal account but have not done it. I sent multiple emails with no response. Eventually, about two weeks ago I sent an email stating I’d proceed with legal action if this persists, and received a two sentence email response from Tide stating “I’m afraid I cannot specify a time-frame” for when I would get my funds back!!

Since then, I have emailed them again, asking if that means it could be held anywhere from weeks, months or even longer?!! and they have continued to ignore my emails.

For Tide to spend this long holding my funds despite having received all the documentation they requested to process a transfer, and then to continuously ignore my correspondence is just disgraceful.

I would never have used this company if I knew how horrendous their service was and hope anyone thinking of joining them who is reading this stays miles away.

Unfortunately, having read the other threads, it seems clear Tide were doing this kind of thing way before covid19.

I will now have to contact the Financial Ombudsman to convey the details of this case and explain the additional knock-on losses I have suffered because of Tide’s conduct.

I’m sure at some point I will receive some kind of generic automated reply from Tide to the effect of “sorry for the inconvenience. We are doing what we can. We’ll let you know once there has been any development”. But this simply is not good enough.


Hello @Zaman,

I’ve responded on the other thread but will update you here as well.

I can see that the Team has contacted you on this, this morning. Please check your messages and let me know if we can help you further.


Hi My account for My Bare Face has been blocked since Thursday 30/4/20. Apparantly I need to send documents proving 3 transactions…which where TRANSFERS NOT sales or purchases. Transfers from and to Tide. They also want my website link (???) They also want a HMRC letter (???) I am shocked. Out of the blue, account frozen…no one answering their phone. In-app messages are std copy paste and unhelpful…only appearing after hours of waiting for a reply!. I want my account unfrozen so I can withdraw all my money and close this pathetic excuse of a business account. My business has all but collapsed since last Thursday!! I can can’t receive money and I cannot pay bills. This at MONTH END!!! AND DURING COVID FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!! I would rather go through the pain of a high street bank than go through this prepaid nonsense with zero customer support when we need it most.!!! I am HORRIFIED!!! Having read this last man’s story I am now petrified that my funds will never be able to be withdrawn! Are TIDE a bunch of thieves??? How dare they hold on to peoples’ money for no good reason and with such abhorrent customer service.! I want my money unfrozen NOW!


I can confirm that I have received the funds now, so thanks for this.

However, in order to qualify for a bounceback loan from a new banking provider (something I am eligible for given my company has been trading since 2019, and also something my company needs) I would require some kind of statement of transaction history from Tide.

Could this please be sent to my registered email address?



Hi @Zaman,

You can reach out to our support team at hello@tide and they will be able to further assist you with this.