Tide gets a new look


Out with the old, a new Tide is in!

We’ve just pushed a fresh update to the iOS app and Android app. The new look is so much more than a cosmetic revamp. We’ve made many improvements to help speed up your experience and reduce loading times.

Even more exciting is that the new design lays the foundations for additional features that we’re planning to release in the coming months. These include multi-currency accounts and multi-user access, which would have been tougher to support using our previous layout. I’ve explained a little more about why we’ve made certain changes below - do sign in and take a look for yourselves! I hope you like it.

Caitlin Rich, Head of Design

A brighter design

We’ve focused on bringing a light, fresh and clear interface to life to help ease navigation throughout the app.

An expanded bottom navigation bar

We’ve increased this to 5 tabs (from the previous 3) to make it easier for you to make payments and issue invoices. We’ve also combined the profile and settings menu (previously on the account page) into a “More” tab so that they are easily accessible from wherever you are in the app.

Punchier timeline and categories

A clearer transaction timeline highlights your balance and makes your card details easier to access.
We’ve also brightened up the categories and added icons so that you can see where you are spending and find uncategorised transactions. Tapping these icons opens a new category picker.

Cleaner accounts screen

We’ve got less clutter here, with clearer balances and better access to your card details.

Easier access to Tide on the web

There’s now a larger camera area for scanning the QR code when logging in to Tide on the web (the website has had some major enhancements too).

This is more the start than the end - look out for more design developments! In the meantime, let us know what you think by dropping us an email on design@tide.co or commenting your thoughts below.


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Looks beautiful! Looking forward to playing with this.
I don’t seem to have access to this yet, but I am using the beta version. Will you be pushing the update out soon?


Looks great, when does it go live? Can’t see it in the beta app yet.


Hi @iagdotme and @NutsAboutOlives!

The latest version of the app is available on the Play and App Store. You just need to update your app to get access to our new look!

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


Thanks @Valentine_at_Tide, I’ll download the Tide app from the AppStore and use that instead of the beta app in TestFlight.


Just downloaded, love the new look. So far finding the App really simple and easy to use. Thank you!


So glad you’re liking it @FionaHarrisJewellery - just the beginning of a lot more to come! :grin:

The design team is always on the look out for members to come in a try out what we’re working on - if you’re interested add your name to the list: https://tide-design.typeform.com/to/zvY5Dz - we would love to have you


@iagdotme if you are using the Xero preview app, you won’t have access to the new designs quite yet. We are currently working on a release which will include both these changes. In the meantime, you can get the latest version by updating through the App store. If you do this, your transactions will continue to be synced with Xero automatically. However, if you need to change the mapping of your categories, you will need to go back to the Xero preview app.


Looks great, this is a big improvement.


Really pleased to hear this @kenny.

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Looking good… any indication of when multi user access will come ? (Desperately needed here :slight_smile:


Hey @Krakastan - we’re in the early stages of designing how multi-user will work, however it looks like we won’t be able to roll this out until early next year (due to other features such as multi-currency and being able to issue IBANs). However our first stage of multi-user - being able to request additional cards for your colleagues - is not too far off and should be released in the coming months. :smiley: