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Hi I am a new small business of only 4 months. My account for My Bare Face has been blocked since Thursday 30/4/20. Apparantly I need to send documents proving 3 transactions (eg sales invoices, purchase orders)…which where TRANSFERS NOT sales or purchases. They are transfers from and to Tide. They also want my business website link (eg shop site) (???) They also want a HMRC letter proving I’m a registered sloe trader (???) I am shocked. Out of the blue, account frozen…no one answering their phone. In-app messages are std copy paste and unhelpful…only appearing after hours of waiting for a reply!. I want my account unfrozen so I can withdraw all my money and close this pathetic excuse of a business account. My business has all but collapsed since last Thursday!! I can’t receive money and I cannot pay bills. This at MONTH END!!! AND DURING COVID FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!! I would rather go through the pain of a high street bank than go through this prepaid nonsense with zero customer support when we need it most.!!! I am HORRIFIED!!! Having read this last man’s story I am now petrified that my funds will never be able to be withdrawn! Are TIDE a bunch of thieves??? How dare they hold on to peoples’ money for no good reason and with such abhorrent customer service.! I want my money unfrozen right NOW or my business will fail this week!!!

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Please rest assured that account pauses are rare; they happen to protect the security of our members, and to comply with industry regulations. You can read more here - www.tide.co/blog/tide-update/why-we-pause-and-block-accounts/ 23.

I can see that a colleague of mine has gotten and touch and the account is now active. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions, we would gladly assist you!

I have exactly the same problem and it has been going on now for 2 months. I have sent emails and support requests but no response.