Tide Failure to adhere to DD Guarantee



Hi there just to advise in my instance Tide have not adhered in accordance with the DD Guarantee. I’m unsure if this is a common issue, I opened a query in the middle of May and the ticket has been closed without reply from Tide so In accordance with the Financial authority I’m allowing it to remain until the 6-8 weeks deadline for the Financial Ombudsman is complete. This has unfortunately been the 2nd time Tide have not acted in accordance with Banking rules.

For clarity here is the Financial Ombudsman response of Direct Debits https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/27/27-directdebit-guarantee.htm

I have a thread with a Tide representative where I confirmed an incorrect payment was taken and the value of the DD differed. The first time this happened Tides 3rd Party financial party blocked the DD now in a seperate issue they have allowed the random payment to go through and when I contacted them I was advised I needed to send proof of the other companies error despite the amount clearly showing in the DD area of my Tide account being different from what was taken.

Tide had an obligation to return the funds as all banking institutions usually do however they advised me to refer back to the company as this would be ‘quicker’.

As per the F/O this is incorrect. I left a message querying Tide making their own rules and they didn’t reply and have now closed the ticket.

Unfortunately once again Tide have failed to protect me as a consumer and my businesses finances and I really do hope that many of you are having much better luck in dealing with Tide Customer Services.


@HerE, I’m sorry to hear this. I have spoken with our IT department and understand that a system glitch was causing tickets to be closed without a response. Please rest assured that was looked into with our provider and we are doing everything we can to avoid this occurring in future. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I can see that my colleague Alice has been in touch to advise you of the next steps of our investigation and we hope to have this resolved for you as quickly as possible.
If we can assist in any way, please respond to the in-app chat and Alice will be on hand to assist.
Thank you, Ali