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For gods sake please send us members some communication regarding BBLs were are drowning here and waiting for you to throw us that life jacket !!!
I can’t for the life of me understand why the total silence !!!
We are your members and deserve better treatment.
All l see is other banks getting funds out to there customer in there 1000s but nothing like that from Tide.

Please please help so at least l can sleep at night.

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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if Monday Tide won’t bring positive news, thats it for me, i will move my business to other ones, Metro, Yorkshire, i’ve choosen Tide because of low fees, i didn’t had any problem with them in more than a year, but this thing is getting ridiculous, many of us are hoping that Tide will f…k sake pass on the bloddy loans, so we can support our business, and not losing what we have invested from hard work, savings, endles long days, my bad was i didn’t saved more money and invested all in machinery so i can provide quality stuff, but we wait and we hope in Tide, but our patience has a limit, i can’t wait another month until Tide decides who to chose, a nonses list, ok, you go for the first members , but just GO GO GO, goooo for f…k sake!!!

Also is the most stupid thing us the customers to preaty please Tide??? Tide has the privilege to hold our money, they need to act now, they keep holding us in darknes, why are we still holding the money in Tide??? lets put our money to someone that has the protection and doesn’t bend us over, period.

Hi all,

We understand your frustrations. As with all other lenders, delivering BBL depends on Government eligibility, checks, lending limits and raising money to finance the loans. We’re working as fast as we can to align these factors and offer loans to as many eligible members as we can.

Tide was created to support small businesses and our members are our absolute priority - we can assure you that our team is working round the clock. We will share an update from our CEO later this week.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi valentine,
Truthfully we have been holding on for weeks now no sought many of us won’t have a business left due to this absurd bbl roll out.
We all judge companies on performance whether it through reviews, word of mouth and would we want to be there customer.
Tide has continually made excuses after excuses and simply not good enough.
Can you give clear answers to people’s concerns instead of the same we have all seen week after week.
I truthfully think Tide is a good bank never had a problem and saves me time through invoicing but the BBL mess is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
Let’s wait and see

Hi Valentine,

I have to agree with Craig, please can someone simply answer the questions being put, the stock paragraphs and promises of an update from the CEO mean nothing.

Many of us have sent messages via Twitter, Community and the in-app Support and received absolutely no response for days if not weeks. I was promised that my BBL would be processed by today, but since the promise not a single message has been answered, why?

  • Can you tell us if you are processing loans? if so, some evidence of this other than the highly dubious Trust Pilot reviews would help.
  • Much has been said of the wait list, some have been given a number, some haven’t, what is actually going on?
  • Do Tide have a line of credit to be able to give the loans, if so, through whom and for how much?
  • What is your current capacity to process BBLs per day? and what are you doing to ramp this up?
  • Why are you still accepting applications for new accounts when you haven’t been able to fulfill your obligation to existing members?

I have a ton more questions, as do others, please do something positive today for your community and answer them without the cut and paste paragraphs and promises of updates from the CEO.


I get this - I want a BBL too, but more importantly, you’re not even responding to customers who have problems with their existing funds being missing due to what appears to be youe error. Somehow or other, in the mix of you trying to sort the loans out, you’ve stopped acting like a bank, and you’re ignoring ALL of your customers. You lost £5k of my money 9 working days ago, and NOONE has contacted me, despite chasing.

Get the basics right first please. Walk, before you can run.

I had a message in-app saying my account would be processed for a BBL within seven days which would have meant yesterday. So far, no sign of it and no responses to my messages other than the cut and paste waffle

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience with this - the latest update from our CEO is now live here 3 and explains how much we’ve lent through the Bounce Back Loan Scheme so far and what’s happening next.

I hope this will answer all your questions.

Thanks again for your patience,

Hi Matt,

I am really sorry about this. I know a member of our team has reached out to you in-app -please let them know if you have any questions.


Hi Colin,

I’m really sorry about the delay you have experienced . As our CEO explained in his letter today, we’ve received a higher volume of enquiries than we expected but, to restore our service to a level you’d expect, we’ve hired more people and trained them quickly.

I know the team has reached out to you on a private channel to further assist you with this.

Thank you again for your patience,

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