Tide Bank Statement for custom period


I have been spending anxious time running my business due to a short coming with Tide.

The nature of my business requires most recent transactions to be included as evidence to creditors as bank statement. Unfortunately repeated requests from support has not been of any help. All Tide seem to suggest is to wait until end of the month + 5 days to get a bank statement for the recently elapsed month. If the platform is unable to generate on automatically surely support should be in a position to generate one for you in standard PDF formats. Really annoyed as all business activities have to be stalled until these statements are ready! I would not have signed up if I had the slightest notion that I had to face such hardships to conduct my business using Tide. Tide have offered to provide a Bank verification letter which has provided some respite but it does not seem to be universally accepted as a replacement for a Tide letter head bank statement.


Hello @spl,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We do understand how frustrating situations like this can be, however, the Tide statements are automatically issued on the 4th of each month and there is no way to provide them earlier.

A timeline of past transactions for one of your Tide accounts can be accessed by selecting the account from the Accounts screen. You can export this list of transactions as a .csv file.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance or have questions.