Tide assist


Any movement on the BBLS please Obi or anyone at tide???


Hi there @Pedz

Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates for you on that front, unfortunately.

There are people here at Tide that have been working on making progress, and I’m sure they’ll make an announcement when they’re able.



Tide waiting list still causing mass declines with a new lender.
When will you guys scrap this list, since you are not part of the BBL Scheme. Many business have already gone under because of Tide and that is still going on today.
I’ve just been declined a BBL for been on that list. It’s a disgrace.


Hi there @Pelican

While we have paused our lending, we are still an accredited lender and are hoping to be able to offer our members the help they need.

One of our Member Support agents will reach out to you via the in-app chat to provide you with further assistance on the matter.