Tide account paused


MWhy has my account been paused? Why cant i pay invoices? Why cant i pay for fuel? Why cant i access funds? This could cost me business, will you refund me my lost revenue? Put some money in received from Starling to separate business expenses for building supplies etc account paused. They dont respond in app and when they do reply it is ages after pathetic excuse for a bank


Thank you for reaching out about this @jr46

Occasionally, we do place temporary pauses on member accounts to conduct routine checks. These are standard practice for financial service providers like us, and we try to keep them as brief as possible.

I’ve had a look into the matter and we have brought the matter to the team’s attention, please have a look into the information they’ve requested and provide that for them so that they can complete their checks.



Its now 4 days where my account has been paused, no one to talk to! This is beyond ridiculous.
I cant understand how anyone would bank with such a bank with no one to speak to.


Its now my 5th day my account been on hold! No one is interacting with me, please can this be sorted kindly today. I just don’t understand this way of doing things. This is costing me my business


Hi there @jr46

I completely appreciate that this is a bit of an inconvenience. My colleagues’ checks do tend to take a varying amount of time to complete. I’ve already asked them to give you some priority, but they’ll reach out to you once they’re ready.

Thank you again for your patience.



Dear Obi
Im now days with no access to my account.
Please can this be sorted and resolved ASAP


How is this a normal bank?? No interaction, just completely left without any funds available. How is this customer service?


Hi there @jr46

I do appreciate that these checks can be concerning, especially now. I can’t advise on when they’ll be complete on the team’s behalf, but I have asked them to reach out to you as soon as possible to at least give you a timeline.



Did you get this issue resolved?


My account is finally back active!