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Good evening,

I am trying this site in the hope of receiving some support.

My account was blocked for compliance reasons at the beginning of August. I sent the requested documents on the 9th of August, but my account is still frozen. This means that I cannot receive any funds.

I would expect such an issue to be dealt with as a matter of urgency but we are now weeks on and I still can’t get an update via the in app support option.

Please please help me with this!

Good day @jackbarnett

Thank you for reaching out about this here - I’ll be checking in with the responsible team on the matter and I’ll ask them to get back to you as soon as they can. I won’t be able to give you any more details directly, but I’ll do what I can to speed up the matter.

Thank you again for being patient with us.


Thank you Obi, I have heard back to say that they didn’t receive my initial documents, so I will send these via the email address provided. Many thanks, hopefully it will all be resolved very soon!

MY ACCOUNT IS FROZEN SINCE FRIDAY, I contact them several times asking to explain what is happening and how long it will take, I only have a message back to say they are looking into it

But there is no telephone support; I normally pay over 80 care workers and they are going to walk off their job leaving vulnerable client alone;

This is a bad process from the Bank and not happy; I need my funds please;

@Obi_at_Tide can you help with this urgently? It is crazy that @sureclean is having to go onto this website in order to access basic help. If compliance reviews are needed then these should take place promptly and with a focus on urgent turnaround. Additionally, your support team informed me that the delay with our account was due to an issue with the messaging system. Surely this should not be the case given that you use the Zendesk platform for this?

It been over the weekend and still no one even message me to give me Idea what to expect; I have people stranded for their payment and this is affecting my business, already over the weekend I have contractor refusing to take on assignment and letting my customers down; I am really dissapointed; no one to talk to and the matter taking so long to resolve

Thank you for bringing this up @sureclean

And for joining the conversation @jackbarnett

I myself wasn’t available to address this for you yesterday unfortunately, but I do see that the relevant team have been in touch and have informed you of the pause on Friday. I understand that it’s an inconvenient time for this kind of process, and I’ve already let the team know to give it as much urgency as possible.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that this is outside of my expertise, I trust that my colleagues are simply doing their due diligence in accordance with regulatory requirements. They’ll follow-up with you as soon as they can with an update.