Tide account for foreigners


Hello everybody,

I would like to ask something about opening Tide account for foreigners.
I’m living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I have UK registered company.
Can I open Tide account for my company?


That usually depends on a lot of factors.
Traditional bank would say a straight NO. But for e-money providers, the rules can be different.

I would encourage you to e-mail hello@tide.co with your use-case and business information so they can advise you better!

Good luck and welcome to the community!


Thank You very much!


Hi @steelmantuts! Just to chime in on this, we are able to open a registered business account for foreign applicants, as long as their businesses are registered with UK Companies House. We may require some additional documentation from you, but this is something we would be able to advise more precisely on once you have completed the registration process.


Dear Sam,

I am trying to use the App to verify my identity I upload my passport and drivers license and residence permit but I still don’t get through it somehow says it cannot read it. When it has already read it. Can someone help

Joseph Davids
Meniscus Medical


Hi @meniscusmedical

Please look at this link. I’m having trouble scanning my ID This should hopefully give you a better indication to verify your account.

If you do need any further assistance, please get in touch with our Member Support team via our in-app chat and they will be happy to assist you further.