Thumbs up from me


I just wanted to give a general thumbs up to the entire package really! I’ve been using Tide since its early days and it’s saved me so much time on managing my business and doing my accounts, at minimal expense.

My accounts are simple enough that I don’t really need any accountancy software (I run a wedding photography business), but they took time because I had to manually collate everything. But the categorised downloads mean I can just pull a years worth of transactions into my spreadsheet, and have pivot tables pull out all the data I need!

Even when I lost my cards and someone used them fraudulently to make contactless charges, all it took was filling a form out identifying the payments to have that resolved quickly.

Would highly recommend it to any small businesses and sole traders that are considering trying it out!

So just a general thumbs up from me!



Thanks for the amazing feedback :blush:

Great to have you as part of our community @Andy!


Give it time…


Hi @Swoonigan

I understand that our COO and Member Support team reached out to you on the phone and the in-app chat last night to apologise and give you a full explanation of the situation after the issue experienced by our third-party provider was resolved.

I completely understand that this situation must have been stressful and might have caused your business inconvenience. Rest assured that the team was working hard to fix this as quickly as possible with our provider.

If you’d like to give us further feedback, please don’t hesitate to get back to our Member Support team or request a call back.

Once again, I’d like to apologise for the stress and inconvenience this situation must have caused.