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Defo PDP.

I note as of a few days ago almost if not all major banks have stopped accepting bbl’s to dormant Ltd’s… begs belief how they were allowed in the first place… i know there will be a very small amount with genuine intentions but I would guess 95%+ of dormant applicants are just after a freebie and will close down the company.

You can even buy pre registered dormant Ltd companies online.

Bloody madness when you think about it.

Hey Cam - hope you’re doing well?

It’s a disgrace - especially when you read so many people are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. It’s people like this that make it harder for the genuine people who require the loan for genuine, business reasons.

They’re criminals in my eyes and should be treat as such.

Agreed mate - however the problem is they will in 99.9% of cases get away with it, the government departments such as fraud, fca & HMRC etc are so heavily underfunded that Ltd company directors are almost never held to account.

Fully agree with your sentiments tho & again it just makes more sense not to fund dormant Ltd’s from the get go perhaps the odd dormant in very exceptional circumstances rather than a given.

If the banks stop taking dormant Ltd’s on then the rest of us stand a fairer chance :disappointed_relieved:

I’m ok mate really struggling with the optimism atm, ive almost exhausted all my options not heard anything from a few banks lately, tried switching my personal into a business for metro but that wouldn’t work…

Common tide :pray:

How are you getting on ? Are you any closer to returning home from Italy ?

As someone on last legs and desperate for funding to keep my company afloat, people taking money they do not need is a disgrace. That said, there is always some level of fraud and I thought the whole ppint of BBL was that if a business qualified, it was entitled to the money. So yes, soe farud will get through, but cuttng out all newly formed companies risks throwing the good out with the bad. The vast vast majority of people are NOT fraudsters (or durg dealers, alchololics or anything else negative) so I am always wary when a few “bad apples” are used as an excuse to cut back on something. Banks do not like BBLs, so there should be given no excuse to pull back. Yes,certainly some fraud, but banks 100% protected and goverment takes that risk as accepting a bit of fraud as the price to pay to get loans out to as many people as fast as possible is surely a price worth paying

Same as you mate - it’s taking its toll … but I’m keeping the faith, which can be hard at times. Every time it gets to me I just go and play with my daughter … she makes all the worries of the world disappear (for a few moments at least) … then I have to change her nappy :woozy_face: and it’s back to reality.

I’m waiting on 2 banks to come back to me (HSBC & TSB). I read, after applying, to complete the TSB application (if approved) I have to take documents into a branch … so that scuppers me for that one … just one obstacle after another it seems.


I’m still waiting for Funding circle to be accredited - but I’m not seeing any movement there.

If I’m unsuccessful with BBL - then I’ll have to try the CBILs route - which I don’t really want to do - but if I have to then so be it.

Still not possible to get back to the UK - as I’d need to go into quarantine for 2 weeks and I can’t be away from my wife and daughter for that long, and I’m certainly not risking my daughter going to the UK, now that Italy is coming back to life again.

Keep positive Cam - no good comes from getting down. What will be will be and worrying about all this will drive you to an early grave. Easier said than done, I know, but at the end of the day it’s out of our control and we have to stay positive for our own peace of mind.

To a degree I agree.

But the vast majority of dormant Ltd companies arnt newly formed with genuine intentions.

If you’ve run a PAYE you arnt dormant

Above all if you formulated your company last year there’s no reason why you would be Dormant, the vast 99%+ of companies newly formulated are active on registration.

Unless it wasn’t active & if it wasn’t active its most likely the claimant is just making use of the opportunity.

If i had a Ltd company that I intended on doing something with in the next 12 months that had been formed last year I would given the terms most likely have made a claim, who wouldn’t, if it’s level etc the difference between the 2 is I wouldn’t be buying a super car I’d be using it to launch the business and payback.

An active Ltd company is one companies house & HMRC consider to have taken part in any type of business activity.

Which begs the belief why dormants were included, these funds were intended for people who are needing them not start up loans for possible new ventures @ 2.5%

PDP is it not possible to get someone to sign on your behalf ? I’m pretty sure it is (for circumstances like these) I’m pretty sure you hire a regulated advisor that can make financial decisions on your behalf with your authority. Possibly worth looking into?

In regard to the charge wasn’t it submitted on the 19th ? I will have to look at that again - but if it was 30 days from the 19th that brings us to tomorrow.

Yeah finding circle is another hope… also not heard back from starling other than the generic reply

Yep - Chin’s up as far as it’ll go, I darent think what I’ll have to go through if it doesn’t come in & I’m sure I’ll get sorted one way or the other so don’t really need too :pray::pray:

Good to hear you and the fam are well and safe mate that’s the most important thing.

Thanks Cam - you’ll be fine - just drink lots of tea :slight_smile:

Not sure if I can - as they’re documents to verify my identity - if I get approved I’ll look into it further - but getting approved is the hard bit.

charge details:

25 May 2020


27 May 2020



Photo I screenshot red says created 18th

Delivered 27th

Status outstanding

They also allotted shares around the same time which could be for an equity / debts arrangement & the charge is a security on default…

I honestly don’t care about this if they actually pay back the loan. Gov rips off more than enough in tax and penalties from SMEs while letting bigcorps to tunnel their profits through tax havens so this is just karma.

it bothers me - especially when some of these could have been tide members - which has taken away from potentially me, or you, or anyone that actual needs it.

Chris you think they have any intention of paying it back ?

Buying a super car with the loan through a Ltd company :thinking:


I’ve thought of a good excuse they can make use of tho…

“Well our plan was to do super car private hire and charge £1000 per trip, just didn’t seem to be the market for the service - hence why we went bust”

@Cam I would’ve paid it back if I did the exact same thing. Not 100% sure why people make stupid mistakes like buying supercars if they need a loan to afford the deposit for another loan :rofl:


buying them is one thing - running the buggers is the biggest cost … i guess they’ll take a loan out to run the thing

I get that. But honestly at this point I’ve given up any hope of ever securing this loan. I regret that I didn’t just go with a regular bank from the start, seems like anyone can get a loan at this point with the only actual criteria being your lender having funds to distribute.

Yeah I think I would put it into a company then buy one down the line - or go bust if there’s another pandemic :laughing:

I think you’ll be alrite here…

On the plus side anyone who is further up the list is getting closer to the top spot with everyday that passes as people bugger off elsewhere lol

3 months later

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