The tides gone out, let’s combine efforts to save our businesses


Now we know the situation - Tide is never going to be able to provide a bbl - we should get together as a community and lobby on our collective selves to get something done about it.

First suggestion is to take the conversation off of this forum.

If anyone is interested in clubbing together, let’s work out a place to do that, WhatsApp Group? Slack? FB? Don’t care which but let’s start taking control of the situation as Tide is a busted flush and not worth our time anymore. Happy to post my contact details here to kick it off if people want to get on board? @Cam what’d you think?


I am all game into helping everyone out.

We can Lobby together to find ways where everyone can get the help and support they need.

Count me in.


If you know others in the community add them to this thread , I’ll start with - @MrChimps @Pelican @richardv9


All I need is peoples email addresses and I can invite to a community i’ll set up, my email is, email me, say you’re a tide member and i’ll invite you to the new community site, we can discuss our options their

BBL @hmtreasury @BritishBBank @RishiSunak

Hi Matt.

Please add me to any group that gets started.


Cheers mate.


done, check your email


send me your email address


I’ll email you also mate.

I still think hounding mp’s is a good option the British business bank have clearly made it clear they noted tides comments…

Oliver couldn’t come out and ask us to help as so many people are pissed off… but imo that is exactly what he was getting at.

Write to mp’s hm treasury & Rishi, nowt to lose.


I’ll email you as well mate.


Count me in, will drop you an email


Im in support of teaming together. What a waist of time.


Tide is done. said that before do not rely on Tide( a bank that use a sharinfg office to operate) pffff

count me in pm email sent


In case you missed in @tideisnightmare @Megmay @Johnspud77 email me at and I’ll invite you to our group, apologies if you’ve already done this, catching up on a ton of emails tonight :slight_smile: