The "switch or add company" button on sometimes missing


Hi there, nothing major but obviously a bug on the app: I have two companies which use Tide for their banking services. Sometimes the “Switch or add company” button is missing. It’s nothing an app restart doesnt fix but you may want to look into it :slight_smile:



Hi @thecody1000, thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate it. Could you let me know the names of the company’s in question so I can raise tickets with our production team? We’d love to get this sorted for you :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ali


That’s fine, it’s The Gumdrop Group Limited & Delivery 365 Group Limited.

Thanks x


Thanks so much @thecody1000, I’ve raised both of these with our Production team and they’ll be in touch directly :slight_smile:


That’s great. And just for your information, this is what I’m getting xx


Hi @thecody1000, our Production team has been in touch and it looks like they’ve fixed the problem! Do you mind testing to see if it works? :slight_smile:


It’s still a problem. Happened to me this week. I was in a bit of a panic not being able to access my accounts to make some urgent payments, and no-one was responding to chat posts. Thanks to this, I have re-started the app and fixed it. It needs sorting out. There was an iOS update recently. Perhaps that caused it?


Hi @fiscalwizard, my apologies for the delay in coming back to you. I’m sorry to hear that this was an issue for you: I have raised this with our production team again and we will look to have this permanently resolved. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks, Ali


Hi there, did you get yours sorted? I’ve had not further issues with this :slight_smile:


It’s not happened since I re-started the app. Fingers still crossed