Terrible delays and lack of feedback


See ad for same day business account and lfoc td company creation
July 7th I fill in Application and get directed to the app to complete ID verification.
Same day I go through uploading the required documents app says Application Submitted and nothing else, when I open app I just get that page and no way of opening anything else.
July 9th send email asking for update within 30 mins get a stock reply
A week later july 17th after giving the benefit of the doubt I send another email, get a reply within an hour asking for my email and company name I reply immediately
4 days later I send another email after having zero response and get ignored again.
Today July 26th I get an email asking for a screenshot of my application?

What on earth is going on with Tide no one seems to care and you’re still advertising same day account creation?


Hello Lanser! I’m sorry that you are disappointed with the process.

If you don’t mind sharing the name of your company, I could look into it further for you, personally!


Lanser Food Technology Ltd


Thank you for the confirmation! I can see that the responsible team has been contacted in regards to your account application and we are waiting on their update! You should be updated in your ticket! I will also chase them up!


Another day gone by and nothing from you here or email and as for ticket I can’t acess zen desk either.
Cancel my application, you’re just not worth it I’ll go to Starling instead


Hi there @Lanser

Thank you for your feedback on this, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience with our onboarding team.

We’ll let the team know of your decision.