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Delayed for over a week. Your excuse was overwhelming interest. Fine.

You askEd many questions relating to the activity of my business including right down to specifically what accountant I would be using and what insurance company I would be using for my landlord insurance. Am I under some kind of criminal investigation or something?!

An SPV for a very modest property portfolio seemed to be beyond the comprehension of your onboarding staff who despite a myriad of irrelevant and intrusive questions came to a conclusion that had nothing to do with the answers I provided.

I was told my company has far too many branches. It is an SPV for a property portfolio. That is it. Not uncommon. Not complicated.

I was told the turnover is too big for tide. I told them it would initially be 700 pounds and rising.

What companies do you in fact accept based on this being too much turnover?

I have another business with an account with you which turns over more.

Shocking lines of questioning and terrible customer service to an existing customer.

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You wouldn’t believe how stringent the EU KYC/AML legislation is. Yes I’ve read the thing. If they tell you they don’t have a choice, I’m afraid they really don’t have a choice. The sanctions are HUGE. If you have many branches and are a big company compared to Tide themselves, I can understand they can’t afford to hire an extra compliance officer just for you. £700 sounds very low though! Did they understand £700k? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tide has been very helpful to my business. Hell, my account was activated on a Sunday!

Hi Dean,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your experience.

We’re committed to providing a great and secure service for everyone who has an account with Tide. To ensure that we comply with regulations and put our members security first at all times, we gather essential information about our members’ identity and business activities during sign-up, and on an ongoing basis.

You can learn more about this here. You can also read our additional checks FAQ post here.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions about this, I’d be happy to help.


I’m struggling to set up a Tide Account. I was told a couple of days to check. That was 4 days ago. I’ve heard nothing. I also do not understand the discobot thing!
Please help Thank you

Don’t worry about Discobot, it is not telling you anything about the banking app or account, it is just an interactive tutorial on how to use this discourse community forum more fully.

Hi Helen,
Looks like our On-Boarding Team has been in touch over the weekend, and this has all been resolved for you :slight_smile:

2 years later

Hi I have made an application over a week ago now they registered my business last week , but have took over a week and still not verified my identity. I sent the details of my buisness like was asked and still nothing I have had orders pending wich I have now had to cancel because I had no where to pay the money into . I don’t think this is fair for small buissness that has just set up the app says 5 mins but may go up to 48 hours but been over a week and I have lost earnings due to this. My buissness is called discount pc build and repair

Thank you for following-up @Discountpc

I’ve let the team know about your situation so that they can look into your application and get it back on track.

I do appreciate that this has taken a bit longer, with the number of applications the team has been receiving, we haven’t been able to keep up with the usual timelines.


13 days later

I asked to close my account for long time ago and get my money back but I’m still waiting. It seems to me that your bank doesn’t like to give me my money back.

Thank you for following-up @Ezzo1311

Please refer to the communication you’ve had with the responsible team in this regard, they’ll be able to advise you on any timelines or any other questions you might have about the process.


I agree fully with the statement that it a ‘terrible application process’.

Ironically today an advert appeared on facebook saying that opening a bank account will take minutes. We applied on 3rd June 2020 and still not happened, whilst the only communication I have had is when I’ve chased for an explanation. It also states “say goodbye to queueing at the bank” yet when I ask what has happened to our application I am told it is in a queue behind others at the moment.

  1. Why are you advertising if you cannot cope with the response?
  2. Why are you falsely advertising?

Thank you for raising this to our attention, @ianm7. We have forwarded your application to our onboarding team so they can assist you further as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have to agree also I applied on 7th July only response I had until today is were overwhelmed by applications.
Today after sending a message saying that I will cancel my application I get asked to screenshot my original application. This is impossible because the app won’t let you take a screenshot for security reasons and secondly the app only shows Application Submitted and nothing else.
Absolutely shocking customer service

Thank you for raising this to our attention. One of our member support agents will assist you further through the chat.

What does that mean?
Assist me through what chat?
Your app is stuck on application submitted I dont have any option for chat

Hello Lanser! If you don’t mind sharing the name of your company, I can look into it for you?

1 month later

Tide are terrible and the account application process awful. I tried to open an account for a small business, Trade Finance Rhino Limited. They have taken nearly two weeks and there has been a dead silence. They now say they have the wrong email for me in their system, but this cannot be the case since after I completed the application process, I received an email confirmation! So they have either made a mistake at their end, or, possibly, misleading me in order to justify the slowness of the process.

I have finally given up. Who wants to bank with a bank that can’t even open accounts properly? They send out emails and texts saying the account opening is quick and easy but if I had gone down the traditional route, i.e. into the High Street to one of the big retail banks, I would have an account by now.

Shame on you, Tide. Maybe the Tide is going out.

I’m sorry to hear that there’s been a delay, @dandayrob

The teams work with the information that we have submitted through the application in the app, if there’s been some confusion, I understand how that can be a bit frustrating.

I’m sure the team would be able to speed the application along now.


It’s too late. Everyone I see who is interested I tell. What a farce Tide has been. I was very patient for about 9 days and then I thought ‘why on earth am I humouring this totally disorganised outfit’. I opened with another provider online. It took ten minutes at the end of which I received a sort code and account number.