Terrible Application Process and Treatment



Delayed for over a week. Your excuse was overwhelming interest. Fine.

You askEd many questions relating to the activity of my business including right down to specifically what accountant I would be using and what insurance company I would be using for my landlord insurance. Am I under some kind of criminal investigation or something?!

An SPV for a very modest property portfolio seemed to be beyond the comprehension of your onboarding staff who despite a myriad of irrelevant and intrusive questions came to a conclusion that had nothing to do with the answers I provided.

I was told my company has far too many branches. It is an SPV for a property portfolio. That is it. Not uncommon. Not complicated.

I was told the turnover is too big for tide. I told them it would initially be 700 pounds and rising.

What companies do you in fact accept based on this being too much turnover?

I have another business with an account with you which turns over more.

Shocking lines of questioning and terrible customer service to an existing customer.


You wouldn’t believe how stringent the EU KYC/AML legislation is. Yes I’ve read the thing. If they tell you they don’t have a choice, I’m afraid they really don’t have a choice. The sanctions are HUGE. If you have many branches and are a big company compared to Tide themselves, I can understand they can’t afford to hire an extra compliance officer just for you. £700 sounds very low though! Did they understand £700k? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tide has been very helpful to my business. Hell, my account was activated on a Sunday!


Hi Dean,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your experience.

We’re committed to providing a great and secure service for everyone who has an account with Tide. To ensure that we comply with regulations and put our members security first at all times, we gather essential information about our members’ identity and business activities during sign-up, and on an ongoing basis.

You can learn more about this here. You can also read our additional checks FAQ post here.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions about this, I’d be happy to help.



I’m struggling to set up a Tide Account. I was told a couple of days to check. That was 4 days ago. I’ve heard nothing. I also do not understand the discobot thing!
Please help Thank you


Don’t worry about Discobot, it is not telling you anything about the banking app or account, it is just an interactive tutorial on how to use this discourse community forum more fully.


Ok Thank you Mirow


Hi Helen,
Looks like our On-Boarding Team has been in touch over the weekend, and this has all been resolved for you :slight_smile: