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My bank account was temporarily paused, I went to withdraw cash when my card declined, all my money is in the account, I have customers who are also trying purchase but I’m having to turn them away as I have no way of receiving payments, I was told I will be given an explanation but nothing has been explained. And will tide reimburse me for all the money that I will and have lost?

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    Nov '20
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    Nov '20
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Thank you for reaching out about this @Iotaf

I’m sorry to hear that the team’s routine checks are taking longer than expected - we do these in the interest of our member accounts security and I’d be happy to check in with the team for you.

If you can let me know here or in a direct message the name of your business, I’d be happy to look into it.


This is beyond a joke, I have not been able to withdraw, transfer or receive money for the pay two days, I’ve been waiting for a reply but no one has updated me, obi you have told me to message you privately but do not reply, however you reply to thread. And you act like your being helpful but have not helped at all. I’m very disappointed.

This is not helpful ive been trying to keep my customers happy but now they are not able to pay for the services that they need from me. I’ve been continuously getting messages from customers. I need to know when this issue WILL be resolved.

This is fantastic customer service as you can see they freeze your accounts then do not reply to your messages.

Thank you for following up on this, Iotaf.

I can absolutely appreciate how disruptive this can be, the checks required by our colleagues can take a varying amount of time, but they will be in touch with you throughout the process to make sure that you’re kept apprised of their progress and if there is any information they require.

As soon as the process has been complete, they’ll be in touch right away.


It’s been over 3 days what the hell is going on, this is frustrating, I’m unable to transfer or receive payments, absolutely unacceptable I’ve got payments due and I’m unable to send this, I’ve literally had no help or any idea with what’s going on with my account. The response time is horrific. This is really stressing me out, not helpful specially during a pandemic. The only I get is your colleges telling me they will update me is this normal with tide. Do they pause accounts randomly and do not respond to their messages. I want this issue resolved immediately. I’ve got bills that i need to pay. I don’t not want hear that you guys will message me with an update I want to know with what’s going on with my account urgently.

Obi your not being very helpful, I’ve also messaged you privately but have not replied however you guys reply to messages on thread to make it seem like you guys are being helpful but far from it. I’ve been using tide for over 2 years was very impressed till now you guys have let me down.

Thank you for following up on this.

I’m afraid that there aren’t any updates that I’d be able to provide here, unfortunately. The responsible team have a thread open with you in-app, as soon as there are any changes, they’ll be sure to contact you there.