Temporary Pause on Account!- FRUSTRATED ACCOUNT HOLDER




Ive had a temporary pause on my account and ive had absolutely no explanations as to why and how long will it take for someone to respond! As a business this is critical as I have people to pay and its really frustrating that tide is so delayed and unresponsive to such an important matter. Some feedback for the leadership of tide, to become successful, customer service is key and the lack of it right now is making you look like you do not care enough for users. A simple rule of thumb is updates and feedback. If you struggling that much, I am willing to help you out and give you a strategy on how to deal with customers. Its the customers that make a business and right now they are being neglected and gives no confidence that anybody is listening.

Awaiting a response.

Thank you.


I was placed in the same position. 5 days later they ask for some info provided that within few hours then get fobbed of with copy and paste replies

Total loonacy of a pretend bank when they don’t treat u like customers the term instant chat is also a joke tak s three days for them to reply


Hi @KINGKONG, we are sorry to hear this.

Our team strive to deliver unparalleled customer service so we are disappointed this was not the case for you.

I can see that the Compliance team has been in contact with you in regards to your query.

If you do have any questions or queries, please respond to the thread and they can assist you further.



You tide people just hide behind this arguement that everything is determined by FCA

Every single thread on here complains about your lack of urgency and sheer disregard tide shows toward its customers.

Why do you call something instant when it takes you three days to reply

Every response on these threads from tide begins with we are sorry for the delay in responding why is that the case totally unprofessional total disdain

Tide has not helped me in any way completely affected my business and have not shown any sincerity