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I am upset as a Tide customer to receive today an offer to sign up to the Telegraph. It’s a horrible, racist right wing paper and not one that a progressive internet company should be associating with.

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    Jul '20
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    Oct '20
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Hello there! We are sorry that this upset you and we understand that this offer is not suitable for everyone. Kindly note that our perks and offers are carefully chosen because they offer genuinely useful benefits or solutions to our members. The Telegraph provides information and expert insights about business and finance many members will find helpful. It’s an optional perk of your Tide membership - we understand it isn’t suitable for everyone. Please let us know what sorts of perks you’d like us to offer.

Harry as far as perks go…

Bounce back loans wouldn’t go amiss :laughing:

Perfectly fair @Cam!

We’ve done everything we can from our side to push for the changes to the BBLS that would let us secure funding and keep lending.

If and when any action gets taken in that regard, it’ll be an announcement that we’d be thrilled to make.


@Obi_at_Tide fully appreciate that mate, I have my fingers crossed not only for all customers waiting but also tide as a company.

The whole bbl gov support and lack there of for fintechs companies has been a disgrace.

For now I guess we have to just stay cautiously optimistic.

Bests chap :crossed_fingers:

Yeah I was put off by that email as well. Not going to lie.

Telegraph is a conservative propaganda machine and any money paid towards telegraph by Tide is only going to support their racist and right wing propaganda.

Hello @Chrisvj! As we said, we select perks and offers that we believe will support our members, they are optional and we understand they aren’t all suitable for everyone. What sort of perks would you like us to offer? We would love to hear from you!

Hi @Harry_at_Tide ,

What commission is Tide paid on these specially selected “perks”?

Or are they chosen simply out of the goodness of Tide’s heart?

Hello @richardv9! I’m afraid, I cannot comment on that, simply because, I do not have such information. As it was stated above, members could receive information that they might find useful. In addition, note that it’s optional. If you have a suggestion for similar perk that you would like to see offered, you are welcome to share it and I will passed it on to the most appropriate team!

Yes, how about any of the following:

Discounts at Xero or Quickbooks.
Discount for any webhosting services.
Discount for sum up card reader processing charges.
Discounted office equipment and stationary.
Discounted IoD membership.
Discounted insurance cover.

Thank you for the suggestions, @richardv9 ! You can be assured that I have already passed them on and they will be reviewed by the appropriate team! If you have any other suggestions for us now or whenever, feel free to reach out!

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