Support Tickets always revert to 'unread'


There has been a couple of times I’ve contacted support through the app. They’ve been helpful. The tickets have subsequently been closed.

However, no matter how many times I read the messages in the app, they always eventually revert to being marked as unread. This means I have message notifications pop back up in the app. It’s annoying, and also makes the message notifications useless because if one day I do have a message, I’ll just assume it’s still a ghost-notification.

I am using an Android device running version 2.23.2 of the app.


I have the same issue, all my tickets constantly revert to unread in the app.


Hi @sitechindustries, thank you for getting in touch. Firstly, it’s great to hear that our Member Support team have been helpful, thank you for this feedback - I’ll be sure to pass it back to the team.

Regarding the ‘unread’ messages, I apologise for any inconvenience caused here. This bug has been tested with the latest Android release and is showing as being fixed. Can I ask you to follow these instructions:

  • Screenshot the page which shows the notification with the number of new messages badge
  • Go to support and click on one of the tickets written in bold text (unread)
  • wait for the top loading bar to finish loading all the way (this may take a few seconds), then go back to the ticket overview, and again wait for it to finish loading
  • then force close the app, re open it, and have a look at the support badge again

This should force the message to show as read. If it does not, please take a second screenshot of the messages showing unread and send it via the app, mentioning that we’ve spoken on Community. I’ll then follow up with our Production team to get this investigated further for you.



The same ids happening to me. The tech at Tide is very poor - they seem to be using us a guinea pigs to help them iron out the many clunks in the UI/UX.

Try adding someone to the account as Read only - next to impossible!


This is still happening to me. Whenever a new support message from me or the support team is added all old message revert to “unread” - even closed tickets.
I messaged support on 23rd September and was told the back-end team were working to fix it. It’s obviously taking a long time.