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Does anyone know how long it takes for Tide to respond to in-app support messages? I’ve sent a message about a payment problem but I have no idea if I’m expected to wait for minutes, hours or days before I get a response.

Thanks in advance.

So far I have been waiting 8 hours after sending 7 messages about the same issue
They don’t seem to be functioning

Okay, this is starting to become a bit of a worry. Do I need to upgrade to the £10 a month package to get some level of support?

I have had £1100 stolen from my account in illegal transactions, they are still trying to steal more. I have had no communications from Tide Security, Fraud or Dispute teams if they have them.
Its now been 12.5 Hrs

Hello, please accept our apologies, we are experiencing higher volumes of contact. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Hello, a member from our disputes team will be in touch shortly, in order to assist you further with this.

so nearly 29 hours later and still no contact!

Hello, I can see that the relevant team has been in touch, in order to assist further, however, they have not gotten a reply from you. Could you please follow up with them, so they can complete the process? Thank you.