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Kyle Marsden
company name — finished project ltd

it asked me to download the tide app, and the app will automatically take a picture of my id, however i have tried every angle, every background and the camera will not automatically take the photo required.

is there another way, can i send my id via email?


kyle marsden

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    Nov '20
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    Nov '20
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Hi there @kylemarsden

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest! It’s important that have a scan of your ID, a passport or driving licence both work in this sense and we are working on some improvements to the scanning in particular.

For now, I can advise you to either use a different kind of ID and make sure that:

  1. You’re in a well lit room, but that there are no glares on the document.
  2. Make sure that it’s on a contrasting background so that it can be picked up more easily.
  3. Take your time, if the ID doesn’t immediately scan, make sure you fit it in the brackets that appear on screen in the app and hold it there.

I hope this helps!


thanks for the reply OBI, ive used my iPhone and scanning apps serval times for numerous companies, just with this one I can be stood for 5 minuets in position which seems perfect to me, but the app will just not take a picture, so is there no other way to get these documents to you?