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Hi Tide,

I’ve requested a Tide account and LTD company registration nearly two weeks ago and the app is still stuck on ‘verifying your account’. I got several letters from the Companies House already but no response from your side. Emailed the help email twice already… Please help me or let me know when this gets sorted.

Thank you for reaching out @simonheffels

I’ve asked the onboarding team to have a look into your application and reach out to you as soon as they’re able. They’ve got a lot of applications to go through, so the process will take a bit longer than normal.


Thanks for following up @simonheffels

The onboarding team have reached out to you just today, please have a look and get back to them when you can.


I can’t open the app because the screen is stuck on verification… So no help yet. Can we please sort this out?

Good evening @simonheffels

Sorry to keep you waiting, I can see that the team were able to reach out and complete the process with you.

We do apologise for the delay, the team are doing their best to keep up and address our incoming applications as fast as possible. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to write us in the app.