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I really need some help. When I try to login to tide iOS app it asks me for the 5 digit security code which I enter correctly without issue however it then comes up with a screen saying its verifying my details and that it should be only 5 minutes but in some cases it can take a bit longer.

I did manage to get into my account a few weeks back, however the next time I tried to access the app it was back to the verifying splash screen. My details have been verified including the photos and driving license/passport requirements. I also got an email with my company info and company number from companies house but this is the last contact i managed to get from tide.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a look into this for me. The company is called KyraHost incase you need it. Hopefully someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Hi there @justinhay

Firstly, thank you for incorporating your company through us, we’re always glad to hear it and I hope that we’ll be able to support you going forward with the start of your business.

I can see that what you’ve submitted has reached us as an application for an account - I’ve passed this along to the Onboarding team so they can be in touch with you and help move things forward.


15 days later

I am still no further with this more than a month into my dealings with Tide and I’ve still been unable to access anything. Everytime I try to login with the iOS app it says that its verifying my details and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes but can take up to 48 hours. I’ve more than passed this 48 hour period about 30 times now but everytime I try to login with my security code I get the same ‘verifying message’.

Can somebody from time please just cut the crap and help me access the service. I have received my companies house company number and also some documentation that was scanned and sent to me via email from companies house so I no my account must exist so why can’t I access it? I’ve also completed all the id verifications too.

Please can someone just help me progress forward with this asap otherwise I fear I may have to start looking for another company without these prolonged issues. My business name is KyraHost should you need it in order to find my account.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for following up on this @justinhay

I’m sorry to hear that there’ve been such delays - I’ve just gone through our communication with you and I can see that the team reached out on October 8th to confirm some additional information about your business as part of the application.

As far as I can see, we sent this message to you through the app and email as well, to be certain that you’d be able to respond to us without difficulty. Could I ask you to check your emails from us and reply to the team so they can get your application back on track?


8 days later

If it was sent via the app I wouldn’t have received it as I can’t access the app at the moment. As for the email I’ve trawled through all the emails I received on October 8th and I can’t find anything from Tide.

Could you DM me here and let me know what email address they tried to contact me using.

Also you mention needing additional information about my business, surely I must have already covered everything to receive a successful business application with Companies House which Tide did for me.

I really want to use Tide as it seems to be everything I’m looking for, however I fear I might have to start looking elsewhere if this isn’t sorted out soon as its been over a month since I applied and 3.5 weeks since I received confirmation from Companies house.

I look forward to getting this resolved in a timely manner.